Arcanopora Shrubsole & Vine, 1882

Type species: Glauconome disticha Goldfuss, 1831

Synonyms Author Type Species
Glauconome Goldfuss, 1829 (not Gray, 1828, Mollusca) Glauconome disticha Goldfuss, 1831
Glauconomella Bassler, 1952 Glauconome disticha Goldfuss, 1831

Confusion about the validity of Arcanopora has been the result of an invalid selection of the type species as Flustra parallela (see Buttler 1991) so that Arcanopora was considered the objective synonym of Sulcoretepora. See also Snell, 2004.

The genus Glauconome has a convoluted usage. Many of the Late Paleozoic species are reassigned to Penniretepora. Some of the Cretaceous and Cenozoic fossils originally referred to Glauconome are species of Virgocella or Vincularia.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Arcanopora bipinnata
  2. (Phillips, 1841) Devonian-Carboniferous Europe WoRMS 1409998
  3. Arcanopora disticha
  4. (Goldfuss, 1831) Ordovician - Devonian Germany, England, Wales, Sweden WoRMS 1409999
  5. Arcanopora? obscura
  6. Kopaevich, 1975 Silurian Llandovery Estonia WoRMS 1399844
  7. Arcanopora plumula
  8. (Wiman, 1902) Ordovician Sweden, Germany WoRMS 1410000
  9. Arcanopora? strigosa
  10. (Billings, 1866) Ordovician Katian-Hirnantian Canada WoRMS 1410001
  11. Arcanopora? wimani
  12. Spjeldnaes, 1984 Ordovician Sweden WoRMS 1399845

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