Thalamoporella arabiensis Amui & Kaselowsky, 2006

Thalamoporella arabiensis is recorded from the Gulf of Aden. The SEM images are kindly provided by Ann-Margret Amui.

[Thalamoporella arabiensis] [Thalamoporella arabiensis]
[Thalamoporella arabiensis] [Thalamoporella arabiensis]
[Thalamoporella arabiensis]

Original description: Thalamoporella arabiensis Amui & Kaselowsky, 2006
Locality: Gulf of Aden
Holotype: SMF 1900; Paratypes: SMF 1815, SMF 1867, SMF 1901-1903

Amui, Ann-Margret & Kaselowsky, Jürgen, 2006. Bryozoa from the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, Part I (Collections from the 5th expedition of the R.V. Meteor). Fauna of Arabia 22: 1-16.

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