Smittoidea pacifica Soule & Soule, 1973

Smittoidea pacifica is recorded from Hawai'i and the Galapagos. Thanks to Dr D. Soule for the images.

[Smittoidea pacifica] [Smittoidea pacifica]
[Smittoidea pacifica]
[Smittoidea pacifica]

Original description: Smittoidea pacifica Soule & Soule, 1973
Locality: Hawai'i
Holotype: AHF Bryozoan No.160; Paratype: BPBM K443.

Description from Ryland & Hayward, 1992.

Description from Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon, 2001. (PDF file)

Description from Tilbrook, 2006.

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