Membraniporopsis Liu, 1999

Type species: Acanthodesia bifloris Wang & Tung, 1976

Family uncertain.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Membraniporopsis bifloris
  2. (Wang & Tung, 1976) Recent China WoRMS 472361
  3. Membraniporopsis bispinosa
  4. (Liu, 1992) Recent China WoRMS 472362
  5. Membraniporopsis serrilamelloides
  6. (Liu & Li, 1987) Recent China WoRMS 472360
  7. Membraniporopsis tubigera
  8. (Osburn, 1940) Recent Puerto Rico, SE USA, Brazil, New Zealand WoRMS 472363
Membraniporopsis bifloris Membraniporopsis tubigera
Membraniporopsis bifloris Membraniporopsis tubigera

Membraniporopsis tubigera at NEMESIS (National Exotic Marine and Estuarine Species Information System)

Reference: Gordon, Dennis P., Ramalho, Laís V. & Taylor, Paul D., 2006.
An unreported invasive bryozoan that can affect livelihoods - Membraniporopsis tubigera in New Zealand and Brazil. Bulletin of Marine Science 78 (2): 331-442.

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