Scoriopora Gordon, 2002

Type species: Porina nodensis Brydone, 1930

Diagnosis: Colony erect, bilamellar, branching. Colony surface a reticulate network of raised ridges that conceal zooid boundaries. Calyciform depressions defined by ridges corresponding to peristomial openings, loci for avicularia and spiraminal pores (unispiraminate) and especially areolar-septular pores. Primary frontal shield comprising relatively large and few fused costae. Spiramen opening into distal end of costal field proximal to apertural bar. Ovicells not seen. (Gordon, 2002)

This genus includes the species:

  1. Scoriopora nodensis
  2. (Brydone, 1930) Late Cretaceous Campanian England WoRMS 1413653
  3. Scoriopora scoriacea
  4. (Brydone, 1930) Late Cretaceous Campanian France WoRMS 1413654

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