Porina gracilis Lamarck, 1816

Porina gracilis is found in the Recent and Tertiary of southeastern Australia. It is a common component of shelf faunas across a wide depth range.

Part of a colony lobe, width about 2 mm. An ovicell is present near the centre of the image, immersed in porous frontal calcification. Secondary orifices are visible: the primary orifices are hidden at the lower end of long peristomes. A slit-like spiramen opens proximal to the secondary orifice; this leads to an opening in the peristome above the proximal margin of the primary orifice. Small avicularia are visible at the margins of the secondary orifices.

Additional SEM images provided by D. Gordon and NIWA.

[Porina gracilis]
[Porina gracilis]

Original description: Eschara gracilis Lamarck, 1816
Locality: Australia
Type specimen:

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