Kausiaria magna Bock & Cook, 1998

Kausiaria with medium to large colonies (estimated diameter up to 12 mm); flat or hollow basally, with a few irregular sector boundaries and numerous pores. Ancestrula large, raised distally; periancestrular circlet of autozooids and disto-laterally intervening avicularia budded radially. Clockwise and anti-clockwise, uniserial, disto-laterally budded spirals or curved rows surrounding the periancestrular area, originating beside the second member of an avicularian pair. Autozooids very large, and considerably raised distally; cryptocyst granular, thick, opesia narrowing distally. Avicularia only slightly asymmetrical, with rounded opesia and small condyles, sometimes occurring in pairs with opposing asymmetries. Some very large autozooids present in fragments of colonies, with a small distal cavity beneath a raised flange and oval opesia, which are perhaps brooding zooids. (Bock & Cook, 1998)

Kausiaria magna is found from the Tertiary (Late Eocene) of southeastern Australia.

Colony frontal surface Detail of zooids and avicularia

Original description: Kausiaria magna Bock & Cook, 1998
Locality: Browns Creek, Southwest Victoria (Late Eocene)
Type specimen: MOV P303137

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