Kausiaria jamesi Bock & Cook, 1998

Kausiaria with medium sized colonies; maximum estimated to be 9 mm diameter; flat basally, without distinct sector boundaries, and with numerous, large, sometimes irregular pores. Ancestrula slightly raised distally, rounded proximally with a distinct cryptocyst lamina. Asymmetry of the pericancestrular avicularia to the right on the right side of the ancestrula, and to the left on the left side. Subsequent asymmetries random, but those of disto-laterally budded pairs always in opposite directions. Bifurcation of radial series of autozooids associated with the budding of pairs of avicularia, usually an autozooid series budded distally to each avicularium. (Bock & Cook, 1998)

Kausiaria jamesi is found from the Tertiary (Late Eocene and Miocene) of southeastern Australia.

Colony frontal surface Detail of zooids and avicularia

Original description: Kausiaria jamesi Bock & Cook, 1998
Locality: Browns Creek, Southwest Victoria (Late Eocene)
Type specimen: MOV P303138

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