Leieschara M.Sars, 1863

Type species: Leieschara coarctata M.Sars, 1863

This genus includes the species:

  1. Leieschara coarctata
  2. M.Sars, 1863 Recent Arctic, northeast Atlantic WoRMS 472376
  3. Leieschara subgracilis
  4. (d'Orbigny, 1852) Recent NW Atlantic, Arctic WoRMS 865152
  5. Leieschara subgracilis variabilis
  6. Androsova, 1958 Recent NW Pacific WoRMS 865153
[Leieschara coarctata]
Leieschara coarctata
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)

Harmer notebook - entry for Leieschara

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