Microporidae Gray, 1848

This family includes the genera

  1. Andreella
  2. Apiophragma (now in Family Pyrisinellidae)
  3. Aviculiera
  4. Bryobifallax
  5. Calpensia
  6. Cianotremella
  7. Coronellina (Returned to Microporidae from Calescharidae)
  8. Dimorphostylus
  9. Escharipora
  10. Flustrapora
  11. Gargantua
  12. Hoplitaechmella. Now in Onychocellidae
  13. Manzonella
  14. Metamicropora
  15. Micropora
  16. Microporina
  17. Mollia
  18. Monoporella: Monoporellidae
  19. Monsella
  20. Nematoporella
  21. Opaeomorpha Now in Romancheinidae
  22. Opaeophora
  23. Otomicropora
  24. Poropeltarion
  25. Promicroa
  26. Puncturiella
  27. Puncturiellina
  28. Rectimicropora
  29. Reussinella (Now in Granomuridae)
  30. Rimosocella
  31. Rosemariella
  32. Rosseliana (Now in Antroporidae)
  33. Scriblitopora
  34. Setosinella (Now in Pyrisinellidae)
  35. Steraechmella
  36. Stichomicropora (Now in Monoporellidae)
  37. Stictostega
  38. Tretosina: Family Calescharidae
  39. Verminaria

[Aviculiera hungarii] [Calpensia nobilis] [Cianotremella gigantea] [Micropora angusta]
Aviculiera hungarii Calpensia nobilis
Thanks to Wolfgang Seifarth:
Marine Flatworms of the World
for photos.
Cianotremella gigantea
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Micropora angusta
[Micropora image] [Micropora rimulata ] [Micropora stenostoma] [Opaeophora lepida]
Micropora species Micropora rimulata Micropora stenostoma Opaeophora lepida
[Otomicropora otus] [Puncturiella gudumensis] [Rosemariella thompsonae]
Otomicropora otus
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Puncturiella gudumensis
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Rosemariella thompsonae
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)

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