Jellyella Taylor & Monks, 1997

Type species: Membranipora eburnea Hincks, 1891

This genus includes the species:

Jellyella brasiliensis Vieira, Almeida & Winston, 2016 Recent West Atlantic Brazil WoRMS 872603
Jellyella eburnea (Hincks, 1891). Recent Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Oceans WoRMS 396726
Jellyella tuberculata (Bosc, 1802). Recent Widespread, subtropical WoRMS 396730
Jellyella tuberculatoidea (Liu, 1999) Recent Northwest Pacific - East China Sea WoRMS 889332
Jellyella eburnea Jellyella tuberculata
Jellyella eburnea Jellyella tuberculata

Reference: Taylor, Paul D. & Monks, Neale, 1997. A new cheilostome genus pseudoplanktonic on molluscs and algae. Invertebrate Biology, 116: 39-51.

Jellyella tuberculata by Peter J. Bryant - at Natural History of Orange County.

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