Heteractis Gabb & Horn, 1862

Type species: Lunulites duclosii Lea, 1833

Heteractis Gabb & Horn, 1862 is a junior homonym of Heteractis Milne-Edwards & Haime, 1855. The replacement name is Discoradius Di Martino, Greene & Taylor, 2017/p>

This genus includes the species:

Heteractis duclosii Lea, 1833 Paleogene SE USA
Heteractis rutella (Tenison Woods, 1880) Neogene Miocene Australia (SE)
Heteractis tanzaniensis Di Martino, Taylor, Cotton, & Pearson, 2017 Paleogene Oligocene Rupelian Tanzania
[Heteractis duclosii] [Heteractis rutella]
Heteractis duclosii
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Heteractis rutella

Harmer notebook - entry for Heteractis

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