Catadysis Canu & Bassler, 1927

Type species: Schizoporella challengeria Waters, 1888 (=Myriozoum immersum Busk, 1884).

Schizoporella challengeriana was a misprint in Canu & Bassler, 1927. Schizoporella challengeria was proposed as a replacement name for Myriozoum immersum Busk, 1884, by Waters, as he considered both this species and Onchopora immersa Haswell, 1881 were to be included in Schizoporella, making Busk's species a secondary homonym. As Onchopora immersa is now recognised as belonging to Tetraplaria, the replacement name is unnecessary.

This genus includes the species

  1. Catadysis immersum
  2. (Busk, 1884) Recent Antarctic, S.Atlantic WoRMS 472335
  3. Catadysis levis
  4. Bock & Cook, 2000 Recent SE Australia WoRMS 472337
  5. Catadysis pygmaeum
  6. Moyano, 1985 Recent Magellanic SE Pacific WoRMS 472336
Catadysis levis
Catadysis levis

Harmer notebook - entry for Catadysis

Reference: Bock, Philip E., & Cook, Patricia L., 2000. Lekythoporidae (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata) from the Tertiary and Recent of southeastern Australia. Memorie di Scienze Geologiche, 52 (1): 167-174.

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