Membraniporopsis Liu, 1999

Type species: Acanthodesia bifloris Wang & Tung, 1976

Family uncertain.

This genus includes the species:

Membraniporopsis bifloris (Wang & Tung, 1976) Recent China
Membraniporopsis bispinosa (Liu, 1992) Recent China
Membraniporopsis serrilamelloides (Liu & Li, 1987) Recent China
Membraniporopsis tubigera (Osburn, 1940) Recent Puerto Rico, SE USA, Brazil, New Zealand
Membraniporopsis bifloris Membraniporopsis tubigera
Membraniporopsis bifloris Membraniporopsis tubigera

Reference: Gordon, Dennis P., Ramalho, Laís V. & Taylor, Paul D., 2006.
An unreported invasive bryozoan that can affect livelihoods - Membraniporopsis tubigera in New Zealand and Brazil. Bulletin of Marine Science 78 (2): 331-442.

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