Echinovadoma Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon, 2001

Type species: Echinovadoma anceps Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon, 2001

The paper by Tilbrook (2000) unfortunately was published before Tilbrook et al. (2001). As the latter paper contained the description of the type species, the publication of the genus name Echinovadoma in the earlier paper was a nomen nudum. For the sake of stability, the species names defined in 2000 should be considered to be formalised by the later publication.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Echinovadoma alacermatrix
  2. Tilbrook, 2000 Recent Indonesia WoRMS 467460
  3. Echinovadoma anceps
  4. Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon, 2001 Recent Vanuatu WoRMS 467461
  5. Echinovadoma magnitorquata
  6. Tilbrook, 2000 Recent Indonesia WoRMS 467462
[Echinovadoma alacermatrix] [Echinovadoma anceps] [Echinovadoma anceps]
Echinovadoma alacermatrix
Thanks to Kevin Tilbrook and NHM
Echinovadoma anceps Echinovadoma magnitorquata
Thanks to Kevin Tilbrook and NHM

Reference: Tilbrook, Kevin, 2000. New bryozoan family from the Indo-Pacific shows unexpected diversity. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 80: 1129-1130.

Tilbrook, Kevin J., Hayward, P.J., & Gordon, D.P., 2001. Cheilostomatous Bryozoa from Vanuatu. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 131 (1): 35-109.

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