Corbulipora inopinata Bock & Cook, 1998

Corbulipora inopinata occurs in southwestern Australia. Colonies show three different growth form 'phases'.

[Corbulipora inopinata] [Corbulipora inopinata]
Phase 3 subcolony. Phase 2 subcolony.
[Corbulipora inopinata] [Corbulipora inopinata]
Phase 2/3 subcolony with ovicells. Detail of ovicells.
[Corbulipora inopinata] [Corbulipora inopinata]
Avicularium, also showing enlarged distal spines. Detail of growing edge, showing relation between frontal membrane and costal shield.

Original description: Corbulipora inopinata Bock & Cook, 1998
Locality: GAB Station 049 and others, off south Western Australia.
Type Specimen: MOV F80665
Reference: Bock, P.E., & Cook, P.L., 1998. A new species of multiphased Corbulipora MacGillivray, 1895 (Bryozoa, Cribriomorpha) from southwestern Australia.
Records of the South Australian Museum 30: 63-68.

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