Bipora flabellaris Levinsen, 1909

Bipora flabellaris is recorded from the Australian shelf. The specimen illustrated is from the Great Australian Bight region. The colony is attached by rhizoids, with the 'base' oriented downwards (as in the image). Zooids show 'reverse frontal budding' - note that at the growing edge, the zooids are oriented with the operculum opening towards the 'colony proximal' - ie downwards in the image. Many zooids have a pore distal (below in the image) to the orifice, for the growth of ovicells, which are attached to the colony by weak connections. Thus, most collected material is devoid of ovicells. Several 'lunoecia' are visible - these are crescentic pores which communicate with the rhizoids.

Original Description Bipora flabellaris Levinsen, 1909
Locality: Port Jackson, Australia
Type Specimen:

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