Chlidonia Lamouroux, 1824

Type species: Cellaria pyriformis Bertoloni, 1810

Synonyms Author Type Species
Cothurnicella Wyville Thomson, 1858 Cothurnicella daedala Wyville Thomson, 1858 (=Cellaria pyriformis, Bertoloni, 1810)
Chlidonibrya Strand, 1928 Cellaria pyriformis Bertoloni, 1810

This genus includes the species:

  1. Chlidonia pyriformis
  2. (Bertoloni, 1810) Recent Africa, Australia, Egypt, Mediterranean WoRMS 111302
  3. Chlidonia japonica
  4. (Mawatari, 1964) Recent Northwest Pacific - Sea of Japan WoRMS 469673
[Chlidonia pyriformis]
Chlidonia pyriformis

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Image below is of the original genus definition of Cothurnicella, from Wyville Thomson, 1858.
Prepared by courtesy of Mary Spencer-Jones, Copyright © Natural History Museum, London.

Cothurnicella genus definition

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