Caberea dichotoma Lamouroux, 1816

Caberea dichotoma is found in southern Australia.

[Image of Caberea dichotoma]
[Image of Caberea boryi]
[Image of Caberea boryi]

Illustration from Lamouroux (1812) (Plate 2, Fig. 5)

Original description: Caberea dichotoma Lamouroux, 1812
Type specimens: MNHM LBIMM-BRY-19641
Locality: Presumed to be southeastern Australia

Reference: Gordon, D.P., d'Hondt, J.-L., Watson, J., and Spencer Jones, M., 1998. Discovery of the lost type species of Caberea (Bryozoa) and the identity of Caberea pinnata Lamouroux, 1816 (Hydroida). Journal of natural history, 32: 405-418.

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