Domosclerus corrugatus (Busk, 1884)

Domosclerus corrugatus is recorded from Brazil. The illustrations used here are from Busk (1884); Plate 13, figs 3 and 4. However, some were given inaccurate captions. Some of the confusion was explained by Harmer (1957). Further elucidation was given by Hastings (1966). Note that Fig 4A and the left-hand Fig,4 are of the lectotype specimen. The central of the three colony drawings (to the right of fig.4a; originally at natural size) is not of Domosclerus corrugatus, but appears to be a colony of Diplonotos papillatus.
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Original Description Bifaxaria corrugata Busk, 1884
Locality: Brazil (Challenger Stn 122)
Type Specimen: NHM 1887.12.9.379A (selected by Harmer)

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