Beania cookae Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon, 2001

Beania cookae is found in at Vanuatu and the Great Barrier Reef.

  Thanks to Matt Dick for image.

Original description: Beania cookae Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon, 2001.
Locality: Vanuatu.
Holotype: BMNH 1998.8.4.48; Paratypes: BMNH 1998.8.4.49,50, 1998.8.4.275, 1998.8.4.51, 1998.8.4.52.

Description from Hayward & Ryland, 1995 (as Beania klugei) (PDF file)

Description from Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon, 2001. (PDF file)

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