Adeonellidae Gregory, 1893

This family has been included in the synonymy of the Adeonidae.

The family formerly included the genera

  1. Adeonella
  2. Laminopora

The continuing debate about the separation of the Adeonellidae from the Adeonidae is based upon the significance of the way in which the frontal wall of the zooid develops. The exterior morphology of zooids and the colony form are similar in the members of this group.

Reference: Lidgard, Scott, 1996.

[Adeonella distenta] [Adeonella haywardii] [Adeonella lichenoides] [Laminopora dispar]
Adeonella distenta
(Image by Ann-Margret Amui)
Adeonella haywardii
(Image by Ann-Margret Amui)
Adeonella lichenoides Laminopora dispar

Adeonella 20patagonica at GuiaMarina

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