Bryozoa - Taxa for 1931

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This is a provisional list; it is based upon a fairly small amount of information. Contributions and suggestions (and corrections) are requested.

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1930 1932
Atactoporidra Canu & Bassler, 1931    
Berenicea subrugosa Canu, 1931
Berenicea undata Canu, 1931
Crisiella borgi Calvet, 1931
Cryptosula cylindrica Calvet, 1931
Cyphotrypa clarksvillensis MacFarlan, 1931
Dekayella milleri McFarlan, 1931
Domopora? ambigua Cowper Reed, 1931
Electra crustulenta baltica Borg, 1931
Electra crustulenta typica Borg, 1931
Geinitzella columnaris tuberosa-sparsigemmata Grabau, 1931
Hemitrypa? punjabensis Cowper Reed, 1931
Hippopodina bassleri Calvet, 1931
Hippoporina bassleri Calvet, 1931
Holoporella pigmentaria albida Calvet, 1931
Jaculina dichotoma Calvet, 1931
Leioclema nekhoroshevi Schulga-Nesterenko, 1931
Lioclema nekhoroshevi Schulga-Nesterenko, 1931
Lunulites angusticostata Canu & Bassler, 1931
Lunulites dentifera Canu & Bassler, 1931
Lunulites magnosinuosa Canu & Bassler, 1931
Lyrocladia permica Schulga-Nesterenko, 1931
Membranipora crustulenta arctica Borg, 1931
Membranipora crustulenta baltica Borg, 1931
Membranipora crustulenta stammeri Borg, 1931
Membranipora pilosa typica Borg, 1931
Microporella? flustroides Calvet, 1931
Phylactella vibraculata Calvet, 1931
Retepora alberti Calvet, 1931
Reteporella jullieni Calvet, 1931
Schismopora (Cellepora) coronopusoidea Calvet, 1931
Schizellozoon dentatum Calvet, 1931
Scrupocellaria cervicornis SPINOSA Calvet, 1931
1930 1932

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