Bryozoa - Taxa for 1910

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1909 1911
Australella Annandale, 1910    
Aetea crosslandi Waters, 1910
Alcyonidium topsenti Roehrich, 1910
Amphiporella maculosa Girty, 1910
Batostomella anomala Girty, 1910
Batostomella dubia Girty, 1910
Batostomella parvula Girty, 1910
Batostomella? armata Girty, 1910
Berenicea gigantea Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Callocladia elegans Girty, 1910
Cellepora verticalis Maplestone, 1910
Coeloclemis tumidus Girty, 1910
Coeloconus tuba Girty, 1910
Cribrilina claviceps Brydone, 1910
Cribrilina filliozati Brydone, 1910
Cribrilina furcifera Brydone, 1910
Crisia franciscana Robertson, 1910
Crisia maxima Robertson, 1910
Crisia operculata Robertson, 1910
Crisia pacifica Robertson, 1910
Crisia pugeti Robertson, 1910
Crisinella wimani Reed, 1910
Crisulipora occidentalis Robertson, 1910
Cystodictya pustulosa arcta Girty, 1910
Dyscritella inaequalis Girty, 1910
Dyscritella robusta Girty, 1910
Fenestella (Reteporina) carnica Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Fistulipora excellens [sic] harrisonensis Girty, 1910
Fistulipora excellens [sic] williamsi Girty, 1910
Hippoporina elongata Canu, 1910
Hippoporina parvula Canu, 1910
Hippoporina? saucatsensis Canu, 1910
Idioclema insigne Girty, 1910
Lagenipora d'orbignyana Canu, 1910
Membranipora anguiformis Brydone, 1910
Membranipora anterides Brydone, 1910
Membranipora britannica demissa Brydone, 1910
Membranipora britannica praecursor Brydone, 1910
Membranipora coralliformis Brydone, 1910
Membranipora dolium Brydone, 1910
Membranipora humiliata Brydone, 1910
Membranipora invigilata Brydone, 1910
Membranipora langi Brydone, 1910
Membranipora sagittaria Brydone, 1910
Membranipora woodwardi Brydone, 1910
Membraniporella fallax Brydone, 1910
Membraniporella pustulosa Brydone, 1910
Micropora erecta Canu, 1910
Monticulipora (Callopora) forumjuliensis Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Monticulipora (Callopora) taramellii Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Monticulipora (Heterotrypa) dalpiazi Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Monticulipora (Monotrypa) carnica Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Monticulipora (Monotrypa) paronai Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Monticulipora (Monotrypella) consuelo Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Monticulipora (Monotrypella) italica Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Monticulipora (Prasopora) fistuliporoides Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Monticulipora? stuckenbergi Yanishevsky, 1910
Onychocella elliptica Canu, 1910
Onychocella transversa Canu, 1910
Plumatella bombayensis Annandale, 1910
Polipora tommasii Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Polypora mesleriana Girty, 1910
Porina contorta Canu, 1910
Pseudostege cantiana Brydone, 1910
Pycnopora bella Girty, 1910
Pycnopora hirsuta Girty, 1910
Pycnopora regularis Girty, 1910
Rhagasostoma novaki Brydone, 1910
Rhagasostoma novaki anglica Brydone, 1910
Rhombopora persimilis miseri Girty, 1910
Schizoporella minima Canu, 1910
Schizoporella nivea millanensis Waters, 1910
Septopora pustulifera Girty, 1910
Steginopora denticulata Brydone, 1910
Steginopora gravensis Brydone, 1910
Stenocladia frondosa Girty, 1910
Stenopora emaciata arkansana Girty, 1910
Stenopora emaciata inaequalis Girty, 1910
Stenopora emaciata megastylus Girty, 1910
Stenopora gracilis Girty, 1910
Stenopora inermis Girty, 1910
Stenopora intermittens harrisonensis Girty, 1910
Stenopora longicamerata Girty, 1910
Stenopora miseri Girty, 1910
Stenopora miseri tubulata Girty, 1910
Stenopora mutabilis Girty, 1910
Stenopora perattenuata Girty, 1910
Stenopora ramosa fayettevillensis Girty, 1910
Stenopora simulans Girty, 1910
Streblotrypa nicklesi robusta Girty, 1910
Syringoclemis biserialis Girty, 1910
Trematopora pironai Vinassa de Regny, 1910
Tubulipora occidentalis Robertson, 1910
Tubulipora pacifica Robertson, 1910
1909 1911

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