Bryozoa - Taxa for 1891

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1890 1892
Vibracella Waters, 1891    
Biflustra aciculata MacGillivray, 1891
Catenicella continua Waters, 1891
Catenicella scutella Hutton, 1891
Catenicella septentrionalis Waters, 1891
Cellepora birostrata Namias, 1891
Crisia destefanii Neviani, 1891
Crisia ramosa Harmer, 1891
Entalophora danconae Neviani, 1891
Entalophora proboscidea delicatula Vine, 1891
Entalophora proboscidea elegans Vine, 1891
Entalophora proboscidea orbicularis Namias, 1891
Euthyris woosteri MacGillivray, 1891
Fasciculipora laevis MacGillivray, 1891
Flustra nobilis Hincks, 1891
Flustra spinuligera Hincks, 1891
Idmonea targionii Neviani, 1891
Lepralia lancifera Hincks, 1891
Lepralia lateralis MacGillivray, 1891
Lepralia ocellata Hincks, 1891
Lepralia? bericensis Waters, 1891
Lepralia? lontensis Waters, 1891
Melicertites [sic] royana Waters, 1891
Membranipora annulus explanata Neviani, 1891
Membranipora eburnea Hincks, 1891
Membranipora regularis Namias, 1891
Membranipora sejuncta MacGillivray, 1891
Micropora articulata Waters, 1891
Monotrypella unjiga Whiteaves, 1891
Pectinatella gelatinosa Oka, 1891
Porina? bioculata Waters, 1891
Proboscina laxa Whiteaves, 1891
Rhamphostomella brendolensis Waters, 1891
Salicornaria mutinensis Namias, 1891
Schizoporella bimunita Hincks, 1891
Schizoporella concinna Hincks, 1891
Schizoporella inconspicua Hincks, 1891
Schizoporella pectinata africana Hincks, 1891
Schizoporella pulchra MacGillivray, 1891
Schizoporella scabra Hincks, 1891
Schizoporella spectabilis Hincks, 1891
'Schizoporella' spectabilis Hincks, 1891
Scrupocellaria brendolensis Waters, 1891
Scrupocellaria montecchiensis Waters, 1891
Smittia adae Neviani, 1891
Smittia obscura MacGillivray, 1891
Stenopora johnstoni Etheridge, 1891
Stenopora lahuseni Romanowsky, 1891
Stenopora lahuseni Romanowsky, 1891
Stomatopora gracilis delicata Vine, 1891
Stomatopora laxa Whiteaves, 1891
Stomatopora moniliformis Whiteaves, 1891
1890 1892

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