Bryozoa - Taxa for 1872

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1871 1873
Flustramorpha Gray, 1872    
Alcyonidium corniculatum Smitt, 1871
Alcyonidium mamillatum disciforme Smitt, 1872
Alcyonidium ramosum Verrill, 1872
Berenicea conferta Reuss in Geinitz, 1872
Berenicea foliacea de Tribolet, 1872
Berenicea rudis Reuss, 1872
Biflustra cingulata Stoliczka, 1872
Cellepora insipiens Stoliczka, 1872
Cellepora prona Stoliczka, 1872
Cellularia pusilla Smitt, 1872
Ceriopora dispar Stoliczka, 1872
Ceriopora phymatodes Reuss, 1872
Ceriopora? laxa Etheridge, 1872
Defrancia multiradiata Reuss in Geinitz, 1872
Discopora emucronata Smitt, 1872
Discopora obtecta Stoliczka, 1872
Ditaxia multicincta Reuss, 1872
Entalophora conjugata Reuss, 1872
Entalophora geinitzi Reuss, 1872
Entalophora pavimentata Stoliczka, 1872
Entalophora pulchella Reuss, 1872
Eschara heteromorpha Reuss in Geinitz, 1872
Eschara optabilis Stoliczka, 1872
Eschara osculifera Reuss, 1872
Eschara porigera Stoliczka, 1872
Eschara pupoides Reuss, 1872
Escharinella discors Stoliczka, 1872
Fenestella densa Etheridge, 1872
Fenestella perelegans Meek, 1872
Filisparsa pourtalesi Smitt, 1872
Fistulipora nodulifera Meek, 1872
Flustra abyssicola M. Sars, 1872
Flustra dichotoma Kirchenpauer, 1872
Glauconome trilineata Meek, 1872
Heteropora coalescens Reuss, 1872
Heteropora coronata Reuss in Geinitz, 1872
Heteropora tamulica Stoliczka, 1872
Heteroporella placenta Reuss in Geinitz, 1872
Hippothoa brevis Reuss, 1872
Hydractinia pliocaena Allman, 1872
Idmonea distomos Schreiber, 1872
Idmonea tetrastomos Schreiber, 1872
Idmonea tristomos Schreiber, 1872
Lepralia undata Reuss, 1872
Meliceritites geinitzi Reuss, 1872
Membranipora clathrata Reuss, 1872
Membranipora dilatata Reuss in Geinitz, 1872
Membranipora patellaris Reuss in Geinitz, 1872
Polypora submarginata Meek, 1872
Polypora submarginata Meek, 1872
Proboscina aggregata Reuss, 1872
Proboscina anomala Reuss in Geinitz, 1872
Proboscina subclavata Reuss, 1872
Ptilodictya (Stictopora) shafferi Meek, 1872
Reticulipora intricaria Smitt, 1872
Rhombopora lepidodendroides Meek, 1872
Tubulipora linearis Reuss, 1872
Umbrellina stelzneri Reuss, 1872
Vincularia plauensis Reuss in Geinitz, 1872
Zonopora indica Stoliczka, 1872
1871 1873

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