Bryozoa - Taxa for 1868

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1867 1869
Actinotrypella Gorjunova, 1868    
Anarthropora monodon majuscula Smitt, 1868
Anarthropora monodon minuscula Smitt, 1868
Bugula calathus Norman, 1868
Bugula murrayana multispinosa Smitt, 1868
Bugula murrayana quadridentata Smitt, 1868
Bugula purpurotincta Norman, 1868
Bugula umbella Smitt, 1868
Cellepora ovata Smitt, 1868
Cellepora plicata Smitt, 1868
Cellepora ramulosa contigua Smitt, 1868
Celleporella lepralioides Norman, 1868
Celleporella pygmaea Norman, 1868
Cellularia scabra elongata Smitt, 1868
Cellularia scabra typica Smitt, 1868
Cellularia ternata duplex Smitt, 1868
Cellularia ternata gracilis Smitt, 1868
Ceriocava confusa de Loriol, 1868
Discopora coccinea labiata Boeck in Smitt, 1868
Discopora sincera Smitt, 1868
Eschara cervicornis escharae Smitt, 1868
Eschara cervicornis lepraliae Smitt, 1868
Eschara verrucosa Peach, 1868
Eschara verrucosa costatae Smitt, 1868
Eschara verrucosa patens Smitt, 1868
Eschara verrucosa propinqua Smitt, 1868
Escharella jacotini typica Smitt, 1868
Escharella landsborovii mucronata Smitt, 1868
Escharella landsborovii typica Smitt, 1868
Escharella legentilii prototypa Smitt, 1868
Escharella legentilii typica Smitt, 1868
Escharella linearis secundaria Smitt, 1868
Escharella porifera Smitt, 1868
Escharella porifera cancellata Smitt, 1868
Escharella porifera edentata Smitt, 1868
Escharella porifera majuscula Smitt, 1868
Escharella porifera minuscula Smitt, 1868
Escharella porifera typica Smitt, 1868
Escharipora figularis nitido-punctata Smitt, 1868
Escharoides sarsii Smitt, 1868
Evactinopora grandis Meek & Worthen, 1868
Evactinopora sexradiata Meek & Worthen, 1868
Fenestella (Lyropora) retrorsa Meek & Worthen, 1868
Hemeschara sanguinea Norman, 1868
Hemeschara struma Norman, 1868
Kinetoskias arborescens Daniellsen, 1868
Kinetoskias smittii Daniellsen, 1868
Lepralia firma Reuss, 1868
Lepralia minuta Norman, 1868
Lepralia spathulifera Smitt, 1868
Lepralia tubulosa Norman, 1868
Membranipora pilosa laxa Smitt, 1868
Membranipora smitti Norman, 1868
Menipea jeffreysii Norman, 1868
Mollia vulgaris typica Smitt, 1868
Myriozoum crustaceum Smitt, 1868
Porella acutirostris Smitt, 1868
Porella laevis echarae Smitt, 1868
Porella laevis lepraliae Smitt, 1868
Porina ciliata dura Smitt, 1868
Proboscina jaccardi de Loriol, 1868
Pustulopora tenuis Waagen, 1868
Radiopora bellula de Loriol, 1868
Reptoclausa meandrina de Loriol, 1868
Reptopora valangiensis de Loriol, 1868
Retepora cellulosa beaniana mediterranea Smitt, 1868
Retepora cellulosa notopachys elongata Smitt, 1868
Semicava multiplex de Loriol, 1868
Stenopora exilis Dawson, 1868
1867 1869

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