Bryozoa - Taxa for 1861

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This is a provisional list; it is based upon a fairly small amount of information. Contributions and suggestions (and corrections) are requested.

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1860 1862
Cellepora ampullacea Busk, 1861 Recent Madeira
Cellepora nummularia Tenison-Woods, 1861 Neogene Miocene Australia
Eschara tubulata Busk, 1861 Recent Madeira
Farciminaria binderi Busk, 1861 Recent Australia
Hornera pectinata Busk, 1861 Recent Madeira
Lepralia cribrosa Boeck, 1861 Recent Atlantic
Lepralia multispinata Busk, 1861 Recent Madeira
Membranipora buskiana Boeck, 1861 Recent Atlantic
Membranipora delicatissima Busk, 1861 Recent Australia
Psileschara Busk, 1861    
Psileschara maderensis Busk, 1861 Recent Madeira
Spiralaria florea Busk, 1861 Recent Australia
Spiropora deslongchampsi de Ferry, 1861 Jurassic Aalenian-Bathonian
Stenopora columnaris incrustans Geinitz, 1861
Stenopora columnaris ramosa Geinitz, 1861 Permian Germany
Stenopora columnaris tuberosa Geinitz, 1861 Permian Germany
Theonoa sulcata de Ferry, 1861 Jurassic Bajocian France
Vincularia neozelanica Busk, 1861 Recent New Zealand
1860 1862

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