Bryozoa - Taxa for 1845

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1844 1846
Anguinella van Beneden, 1845    
Anguinella palmata van Beneden, 1845
Catenipora spongiosa Klipstein, 1845
Cellepora informata Lonsdale, 1845
Cellepora quadrangularis Lonsdale, 1845
Cellepora similis Lonsdale, 1845
Cellepora tubulata Lonsdale, 1845
Cellepora umbilicata Lonsdale, 1845
Chaetites pomiformis Michelin, 1845
Crisia setacea Couch, 1845
Eschara damaecornis Michelin, 1845
Eschara excavata Michelin, 1845
Eschara incumbens Lonsdale, 1845
Eschara linea Lonsdale, 1845
Eschara petiolus Lonsdale, 1845
Eschara tubulata Lonsdale, 1845
Eschara viminea Lonsdale, 1845
Escharina tumidula Lonsdale, 1845
Flustra duvaliana Michelin, 1845
Halodactyle velu van Beneden, 1845
Heteropora? tortilis Lonsdale, 1845
Hippothoa tuberculum Lonsdale, 1845
Idmonea commiscens Lonsdale, 1845
Idmonea frondosa Meneghini, 1845
Idmonea irregularis Meneghini, 1845
Idmonea maxillaris Lonsdale, 1845
Laguncula elongata van Beneden, 1845
Lichenopora defranciana Michelin, 1845
Lunulites contigua Lonsdale, 1845
Lunulites distans Lonsdale, 1845
Lunulites punctata Leymerie, 1845
Lunulites sexangula Lonsdale, 1845
Membranipora philostracites Michelin, 1845
Retepora crassa Michelin, 1845
Retepora ferussaci Michelin, 1845
Stenopora crassa Lonsdale, 1845
Stenopora crinita Lonsdale, 1845
Stenopora informis Lonsdale, 1845
Stenopora spinigera Lonsdale, 1845
Tubulipora complanata Meneghini, 1845
Tubulipora megaera Lonsdale, 1845
Tubulipora stelliformis Michelin, 1845
1844 1846

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