Bryozoa - Taxa for 1843

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1842 1844
Emma Gray, 1843    
Alcyonidium glomeratum Hassall, 1843
Bugula prismatica Gray, 1843
Catenicella bicuspis Gray, 1843
Cellaria gracilis Philippi, 1843
Cellepora concentrica Michelin, 1843
Cellepora ornata Michelin, 1843
Cellepora supergiana Michelin, 1843
Ceriopora minuta Philippi, 1843
Ceriopora verrucosa Philippi, 1844/1843
Discopora circumcincta Philippi, 1843
Discopora mammillata Philippi, 1843
Emma crystallina Gray, 1843
Eschara porosa Philippi, 1843
Eucratea wallaysii Westendorp, 1843
Favosites serialis Portlock, 1843
Fenestella intertexta Portlock, 1843
Gorgonia anticorum Castelnau, 1843
Gorgonia capillaris Portlock, 1843
Gorgonia regularis Portlock, 1843
Gorgonia siluriana Castelnau, 1843
Gorgonia undulata Portlock, 1843
Halophila johnstoniae Gray, 1843
Idmonea galeotti Nyst, 1843
Intricaria? obscura Portlock, 1843
Loricula pulchella G. D. Sowerby II, 1843
Melicerita charlesworthii Morris, 1843
Orbicula corrugata Hall, 1843
Ptilodictya dichotoma Portlock, 1843
Retepora braunii Roemer, 1843
Retepora explanata Roemer, 1843
Rosacilla emersa Roemer, 1843
Rosacilla subtilis Roemer, 1843
Selbia zelandica Gray in Dieffenbach, 1843
Selbia zelandica Gray in Dieffenbach, 1843
Tethia lyncurium Michelin, 1843
Tethya simplex Michelin, 1843
Vincularia hennei Nyst, 1843
Vincularia multiangularis Portlock, 1843
1842 1844

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