Bryozoa - Taxa for 1834

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1833 1835
Myriozoon Ehrenberg, 1834    
Alecto ramea de Blainville, 1834
Apsendesia cerebriformis de Blainville, 1834
Campanularia ovifera de Blainville, 1834
Catenicella savignyi de Blainville, 1834
Cellepora vasata Kloeden, 1834
Cellularia quadridentata Loven, 1834
Cellulina besseri Zborzewski, 1834
Cellulina eichwaldi Zborzewski, 1834
Cellulina puschii Zborzewski, 1834
Ceriolina jarockii Zborzewski, 1834
Cricopora faujasii de Blainville, 1834
Cristatella mirabilis Dalyell, 1834
Cristatella paludosa Dalyell, 1834
Eschara digitata Morton, 1834
Flustra sagena Morton, 1834
Heteropora appressa Ehrenberg, 1834
Heteropora decurrens Ehrenberg, 1834
Hornera flabelliformis de Blainville, 1834
Lichenopora mediterranea de Blainville, 1834
Retepora spinifera de Blainville, 1834
Verrucularia dichotoma von Suhr, 1834
1833 1835

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