Bryozoan References - 1863

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1862 1864
Alder, J., 1863.
Report on the dredging expedition to the Dogger Bank and the coasts of Northumberland.
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Alder, J., 1863.
Supplement to a catalogue of the Zoophytes of Northumberland and Durham.
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A list of animals dredged near Caribou Island, southern Labrador, during July and August, 1860.
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Beschreibung der Norddeutschen tertiären Polyparien.
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Beskrivelse over nogle Norske Polyzoer.
Forhandlinger i Videnskabs-Selskabet i Christiania for 1862 1862: 141-167. (1-29)
Sars, M., 1863.
Geologiske og Zoologiske Iakttagelser anstillede paa en Reise i en Deel af Trondhjems Stift i Sommeren 1862 Bryozoa.
Nyt Mag Naturvidensk 12: 282-290.
1862 1864

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