Coeloclemis Girty, 1911

Coeloclemis may be a junior synonym of Eostenopora (Astrova 1978). However, it was accepted by Gilmour & Snyder, 2000.

Type species: Coeloclemis tumidus Girty, 1911

This genus includes the species:

Coeloclemis flabellata Lu, 1986 Permian Cisuralian China
Coeloclemis minima Sakagami, 1961 Permian Guadalupian Japan
Coeloclemis tumidus Girty, 1911 Carboniferous Mississippian Visean-Serpukhovian USA Arkansas
Coeloclemis urhauseni Gilmour & Snyder, 2000 Permian Lopingian USA Washington

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