Rhombotrypa Ulrich & Bassler, 1904

Type species: Chaetetes quadratus Rominger, 1866

This genus includes the species:

  1. Rhombotrypa multitabulata
  2. Utgaard & Perry, 1964 U. Ordovician USA (Ohio, Indiana)
  3. Rhombotrypa quadrata
  4. (Rominger, 1866) Ordovician USA (Ohio)
  5. Rhombotrypa ramulosa
  6. Bassler, 1923 Silurian Ludlovian USA West Virginia
  7. Rhombotrypa? subquadrata
  8. (Ulrich, 1882) Ordovician Ashgill USA, Greenland

Rhombotrypa from Cincinnati region: at University of Georgia.
Rhombotrypa from Nashville region: at University of Georgia.

Rhombotrypa quadrata (indicated as Monotrypella) from the Ordovician of Ohio - at Yale Peabody Natural History Museum.

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