Hyalinella Jullien, 1885

Type species: Plumatella vesicularis Leidy, 1854 = Plumatella punctata Hancock, 1850.

Synonyms Author Type species
Australella Annandale, 1910 Lophopus lendenfeldii Ridley, 1886

This genus includes the species:

Following Wood, Anurakpongsatorn, & Mahujchariyawong, 2006, the only species included in this genus are the following 2. Other species referred to Hyalinella are included in Plumatella for the present..

Australella may be a valid distinct genus including A. lendenfeldi, and additionally A. indica and A. indica sibirica.

  1. Hyalinella lendenfeldi
  2. (Ridley, 1886) Recent, freshwater Australia, India, Thailand WoRMS 472442
  3. Hyalinella punctata
  4. (Hancock, 1850) Recent, freshwater N.America, S.America, Asia, Africa, Europe, WoRMS 472439
  5. Hyalinella punctata densa
  6. Vorstman, 1928 Recent Widespread  

[Small Hyalinella punctata] Hyalinella punctata

Hyalinella punctata page at Freshwater Bryozoans in the Netherlands (Michiel van der Waaij).

Hyalinella lendenfeldi. - from Thailand, at Thailand Freshwater Bryozoans Web Site.

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