Brown, D.A., 1958. Fossil cheilostomatous Polyzoa from south-west Victoria. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Victoria 10: 1-90. (The cover date of 1957 was altered to 1958 in an Errata slip.)

This document has been scanned, and the images have been compiled into Adobe ACROBAT Portable Document Files. These PDF files require the user to install Acrobat Reader in order to view the files. The Acrobat Reader software is free and widely available. These files are created from single page images: a version converted to text has not been prepared at present. However, it should be possible for a resourceful user to cut and paste the graphics for each page, and to use them in an OCR program (including the full commercial version of Acrobat).

The scanned images have been converted to black-and-white format (1 bit per pixel) to reduce the file size to a practicable value for the Internet. The aim has been to provide a printable result with detail comparable to a good photocopy. At present, many of the pages have not been cleaned up; and there are black spots where there should be white paper. The cleaning is time-consuming, so the raw version is presented here in order to present a preliminary version quickly. The published errata have been corrected by hand in this copy: this includes the date, corrected from 1957 to 1958 in the printed errata list.

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