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Burrows, H W, 1905. Note on a bryozoan attached to Neptunea found in one of the Mekran nodules. Geological Magazine, 2: 303-305. (PDF File)

Cragin, F. W., 1905. Paleontology of the Malone Jurassic Formation of Texas. United States Geological Survey Bulletin 266([58th Congress 3d Session House of Representatives Document No. 455] Series C, Systematic Geology and Paleontology, 73. Washington, Government Printing Office,) (PDF File)

Cumings, E. R., 1905. Development and morphology of "Fenestella". Amer Geol 29: 197-217. (PDF File)

Cumings, E. R., 1905. Development of Fenestella. American Journal of Science and Arts 20: 169-177. (PDF File)

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Nordgaard, O., 1905. Hydrographical and Biological Investigations in Norwegian Fiords. Bergens Museums Meereskrifter 2: 164-174, 243. (PDF File)

Robertson, Alice, 1905. Non-incrusting chilostomatous Bryozoa of the west coast of North America. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 3: 235-320. (PDF File)

Thornely, L. R., 1905. Report on the Polyzoa collected by Professor Herdmann, at Ceylon, in 1902. Report to the Government of Ceylon on the Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of Manar 4: 107-130. (PDF File)

Waters, A. W., 1905. Notes on some Recent Bryozoa in d'Orbigny's collection. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (7)15: 1-16. (PDF File)

Waters, A. W., 1905. Bryozoa from near Cape Horn. Journal of the Linnean Society (zoology) London 29: 230-251. (PDF File)

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