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Busk, G., 1854. Catalogue of marine Polyzoa in the collection of the British Museum, II. Cheilostomata (part) Vol. pp.55-120. Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), London. (PDF File)

Busk, G., 1854. Remarks on the structure and function of the avicularian and vibracular organs of the Polyzoa. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society 2: 26-33.

Eichwald, E., 1854. Die Grauwackeschichten von Liev und Esthland. Bulletin de la Société Impériale des naturalistes de Moscou Geol 27: 3-111. (Bryozoa - p.86-89)

Haime, J., 1854. Description des Bryozoaires fossiles de la formation Jurassique. Mémoires de la Société Géologique de France 5: 157-218.

Milne-Edwards, H. & Haime, J., 1854. A monograph of the British fossil corals. Palaeontogr soc London 8 (29): 245-322. )

d'Orbigny, A., 1854. Paléontologie française, Terrains Crétacés, V, Bryozoaires [4], pp.985-1192. Victor Masson, Paris. (

Reuss, A. E., 1854. Beiträge zur Charakteristik der Kreideschichten in den Ostalpen besonders im Gosauthale und am Wolfgangsee. Denkschriften der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien 7: 1-158. (Bryozoa, p.133-138) (PDF File)

Sharpe, D., 1854. On the age of the fossiliferous Sands and Gravels of Faringdon and its Neighbourhood. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, 10: 176-198. (PDF File)

Stimpson, W, 1854. Synopsis of the marine Invertebrata of Grand Manan: or the region about the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, 6: 1-66.

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