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Gray, J. E., 1843. Additional radiated animals and Annelides. In: Dieffenback, E. (editor) Travels in New Zealand: with contributions to the geography, geology, botany, and natural history of that country Vol. 2: 292-295. (John Murray, London.

Hassall, A H, 1843. Remarks on three species of marine zoophytes. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, ser. 1, 11: 111-113. (PDF File)

Morris, John, 1843. A catalogue of British fossils Vol. pp.1-viii + 374. London. (2nd ed. 1854; Bryozoa pp.119-129).

Römer, Friedrich., 1843. Die Versteinerungen des Harzgebirges. (Hahn'schen Buchhandlung, Hannover). 40pp. (PDF File)

Westendorp, G.D., 1843. Recherches sur les Polypiers flexible de la Belgique et particularèment des environs d’Ostende. (Felix de Pachtere, Bruges). 48pp. (PDF File)

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