Eridopora permiana Crockford, 1957

Eridopora permiana is a fossil from the Permian of Western Australia. The thin sections were rephotographed using a digital camera (by P.Bock) from the original thin sections used by Crockford (1957), by permission of Geoscience Australia.

Plate 3, Fig. 1. Holotype, a thin zoarium encrusting a coarse Polypora.
Plate 3, Fig. 2. Longitudinal section
Plate 3, Fig. 3. Tangential section
Plate 3, Fig. 4. Tangential section

Note on the new thin section images: The original plates were transposed left to right in reproduction. The field of view may be different in extent from the original illustration, but broadly covers the same area.

Original description: Eridopora permiana Crockford, 1957
Locality: Noonkanbah Formation, Fitzroy Basin, WA
Type Specimen: CPC1065


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