Pustulopora Blainville, 1830

Type species: Ceriopora pustulosa Goldfuss, 1827

This genus includes the species:

Pustulopora bonamaryi Brood, 1976 Paleogene Paleocene Danian Madagascar
Pustulopora? clavaeformis (Busk, 1875) Recent South Africa
Pustulopora clavula Reuss, 1848 Cenozoic Austria
Pustulopora danica Brood, 1972 Paleogene Paleocene Danian Denmark
Pustulopora danziensis Brood, 1976 Recent Indian Ocean East Africa
Pustulopora exilis Brood, 1972 Paleogene Paleocene Danian Sweden
Pustulopora geminata von Hagenow, 1851 Cretaceous-Paleocene Scandinavia
Pustulopora hexagona Brood, 1972 Paleogene Paleocene Danian Denmark
Pustulopora hexagona magnipora Brood, 1972 Early Cretaceous Sweden
Pustulopora klostergaardi Brood, 1972 Cretaceous-Paleocene Denmark
Pustulopora madreporacea (Goldfuss, 1826) Cretaceous-Paleocene Europe
  • Pustulopora madreporacea typica
  • (Gregory, 1899) Late Cretaceous Turonian France also England
    Pustulopora minuta Brood, 1977 Late Cretaceous South Africa
    Pustulopora parasitica (Busk, 1875) Recent west South Pacific
    Pustulopora parvula Brood, 1972 Paleogene Paleocene Danian Denmark
    Pustulopora pustulosa (Goldfuss, 1827) Cretaceous Holland
    Pustulopora rustica von Hagenow, 1850 non d'Orbigny, 1847 Cretaceous-Paleocene Scandinavia
    Pustulopora rustica intermedia (Hamm, 1881) Cretaceous-Paleocene Western Europe
    Pustulopora transversorugosa Brood, 1972 Early Cretaceous Sweden, Madagascar
    Pustulopora variabilis (von Hagenow, 1851) Late Cretaceous Western Europe
    Pustulopora variabilis ovoides Guha & Nathan, 1996 Cretaceous India
    Pustulopora virgula (von Hagenow, 1840) Cretaceous-Paleocene Western Europe, Madagascar

    These species are placed here provisionally: the genus (and most of the Cyclostomata) needs major revision. The differences between Pustulopora, Entalophora, and some other genera, such as Mecynoecia, are poorly understood, particularly in material lacking gonozooids.

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