Zagorsekia Gordon & Taylor, 2015

Type species: Heteropora nodulosa MacGillivray, 1895

Diagnosis: Colony erect, ramose; branches cylindrical, boudinaged, comprising clusters of autozooids and kenozooids opening in annuli separated by bands of exterior frontal walls. Capitula developed at some distal branch tips, spheroidal, broader than branch diameter, covered by subcircular autozooidal apertures surrounded by polygonal kenozooids occluded by terminal diaphragms. Auto- zooids fixed-walled, elongate, apertures subcircular, sometimes closed by terminal diaphragms, peristomes lacking. Kenozooids smaller than autozooids, open or closed by exterior wall calcification, variable in number, a few to many present in branch annuli together with the autozooids. Gonozooid unknown. (Gordon & Taylor, 2015)

This genus includes the species:

Zagorsekia nodulosa (MacGillivray, 1895) Miocene
Australia Victoria
New Zealand Chatham Island
Zagorsekia nodulosa
Zagorsekia nodulosa (Thanksto D.P. Gordon, NIWA)

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