Neuropora Bronn, 1825

Type species: Chrysaora spinosa Lamouroux, 1821

Neuropora is now considered to be a sclerosponge within the Family Ceratopellidae (Kazmierczak & Hillmer, 1974). The nature of other species described as Neuropora is still uncertain: some may prove to be bryozoans.

This genus includes the species:

Neuropora hispida
Species inquirenda
Terquem & Piette, 1865 Jurassic France WoRMS 1414464
Neuropora mamillata de Fromental, 1863 Early Jurassic Sinemurian France WoRMS 1405751
Neuropora socialis Dumortier, 1864 Early Jurassic Hettangian France WoRMS 1405752
Neuropora spinosa
(Lamouroux, 1821) Jurassic Western Europe WoRMS 1412354
Neuropora tenuinervosa
Species inquirenda
Canu & Bassler, 1926 Early Cretaceous Switzerland also France WoRMS 1414465

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