Eoheteropora Morozova in Morozova & Zharnikova, 1984

Not a bryozoan; now placed as a tabulate coral (Schäfer & Grant-Mackie, 1998)

Type species: Eoheteropora katzi Morozova in Morozova & Zharnikova, 1984 (=Monotrypella maorica, Wilckens, 1927)

This genus includes the species:

Eoheteropora maorica (Wilckens, 1927) U.Triassic New Zealand, Russia WoRMS 1437396

Schäfer, Priska, & Grant-Mackie, J., 1998.
Revised systematics and palaeobiogeography of some Late Triassic colonial invertebrates from the Pacific Region.
Alcheringa, 22: 87-122.


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