Streblascopora Bassler, 1952

Type species: Streblotrypa fasciculata Bassler, 1929

This is considered in recent references as a subgenus of Streblotrypa, rather than a distinct genus (and family).

This genus includes the species:

Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) abnormis Yang & Lu, 1983 Early Permian China Xinjiang
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) accurata Gorjunova & Morozova, 1979 U. Permian Mongolia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) alexandrae Romanchuk, 1981 U. Permian Russia, Khabarovsk region
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) amabilis Sakagami, 1963 Carboniferous Bashkirian, Visean Japan, Kamchatka
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) angustimarginalis Xia, 1986 L. Permian Artinskian China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) antiqua Sakagami, 1964 Early Carboniferous Serpukhovian Japan
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) biformata (Bell, 1929) Early Carboniferous Visean Canada
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) biserialis (Bassler 1929) Permian Timor, Russia, Spitzbergen
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) browni (Etheridge, 1907) Early Permian Artinskian Australia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) bullata Yang, Lu & Zhou, 1979 Early Permian China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) confusa Morozova, 1970 Permian Kazanian-Djulfian Russia Khabarovsk
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) cyclocentrica (Trizna, 1948) Early Permian Artinskian-Kungurian Russia Priurals
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) delicatula Sakagami, 1961 Early Permian Artinskian-Kazanian Japan, Russia, China, Thailand
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) densa (Morozova, 1955) Upper Carboniferous Gzhelian Ukraine Donbass
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) diaphragma Sakagami, 1964 Early Permian Japan
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora)? dubia Yang & Xia, 1975 Early Permian China Qomolangma
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) eastoni Gilmour & McColloch, 1995 Carboniferous USA Montana
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) erecta Baranova, 1960 Early Permian Russia Siberia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) etheridgei Bretnall 1926 Early Permian Artinskian Australia WA
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) exillis Sakagami, 1970 Early Permian Sakmarian-Artinskian Thailand
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) fasciculata (Bassler, 1929) Permian Timor, Russia, China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) germana Bassler, 1929 Permian Timor, Carnic Alps, Siberia, Urals, Arctic
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) gracilis Romanchuk, 1970 Late Permian Russia Khabarovsk
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) grossa Sakagami, 1963 Carboniferous Bashkirian Japan
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) heilongjiangensis Liu, 1980 Permian China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) incaica Sakagami, 1998 Carboniferous Peru
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) indistincta Fan, 1993 Carboniferous China Yunnan
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) irianica Sakagami, 2000 Permian Indonesia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) katoi (Sakagami, 2000) Permian Cisuralian-Guadalupian Indonesia, Oman
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) komukensis Sakagami, 1970 Early Permian Artinskian Thailand
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) kungurensis Kruchinina, 1986 L. Permian Russia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) lineata Sakagami & Akagi, 1963 Early Permian Japan
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) luminosa Goryunova, 1970 Early Permian Sakmarian-Artinskian Tajikistan Pamir
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) marmionensis
(?= S. browni)
(Bretnall, 1926) Permian W. Australia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) megista Liu & Wang, 1987 U.Carboniferous/ L.Permian China (Xizang, Tibet)
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) multicella Xia, 1986 Early Permian Guadalupian China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) multifasciculata Liu, 1980 Early Permian China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) multifistulata Baranova, 1960 Early Permian Sakmarian-Artinskian Siberia, Russia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) multipora Warthin, 1930 Late Carboniferous Moscovian USA Oklahoma
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) nikiforovae (Morozova, 1955) Late Carboniferous Ukraine Donets Basin
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) nota Morozova, 1981 Late Carboniferous Siberia, Russia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) ordinata Liu, 1976 Permian (?) China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) pallula Baranova, 1960 Early Permian Artinskian Russia, Petchora
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) parafasciculata Liu, 1976 Early Permian China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) plummeri (Moore, 1930) Carboniferous Gzhelian USA Texas
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) plummeri tuberculata (Nikiforova, 1934) Carboniferous Ukraine Donbass
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) prisca (Gabb & Horn, 1862) Late Pennsylvanian USA Kansas
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) pulchra (Fritz, 1932) Permian Artinskian? Canada, China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) punctata Romanchuk, 1981 Permian Kazanian Russia Khabarovsk
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) robusta Fan, 1993 Carboniferous China Yunnan
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) shishovae Kiseleva, 1973 Permian Djulfian Russia Khabarovsk
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) solita Morozova, 1986 Early Permian Russia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) subtilis Gorjunova, 2011 Carboniferous Pennsylvanian Kasimovian Russia Moscow
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) supergrossa Sakagami, 1964 Early Permian Japan
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) superminor Sakagami, 1972 Early Carboniferous Visean Malaya
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) tenuis Baranova, 1960 Carboniferous/Permian? Russia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) tscharlakensis (Trizna, 1950) Early Permian, Sakmarian-Artinskian Russia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) vera Morozova, 1986 U. Permian Russia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) vulgaris (Schulga-Nesterenko, 1941) Early Permian Sakmarian-Artinskian Russia
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) xiujumqinensis Liu, 1976 Late Carboniferous China
Streblotrypa (Streblascopora) yunnanensis Lu, 1993 Carboniferous China Yunnan

Thanks to Andrej Ernst for additional information, and further corrections.

This information is based upon various sources, but no personal knowledge. I am indebted to the late Alan Horowitz for his compilation, and to Dr. J. Pachut.
I would be grateful for corrections to, or critical reviews of this information. This is not a 'final' version (an impossible ideal), but a working document.

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