Watersipora subatra (Ortmann, 1890)

Watersipora subatra is a widespread fouling species. The specimen illustrated is from Sydney, New South Wales.

This species was earlier identified as W. subtorquata. This page will soon be revised and renamed to correct for revisions made by Vieira et al, 2014.

Watersipora subtorquata SEM of specimen from Sydney, New South Wales
Watersipora subtorquata Thanks to Jan Watson for the photo, December 2009
(Port Phillip Bay).

A colour photograph by Karen Gowlett-Holmes is available.

Original description: Cellepora subtorquata d'Orbigny, 1852, new name for Escharina torquata d'Orbigny, 1847
Locality: Falkland Islands
Type Specimen:

Watersipora subtorquata - at "Guide to the Exotic Species of San Francisco Bay".

Watersipora subtorquata - at "Global Invasive Species Database".

Watersipora subtorquata - from the California Biota Website.

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