Watersipora subatra (Ortmann, 1890)

Watersipora subatra is a widespread fouling species, found from Japan, Indonesia, Europe, California, Australia, and New Zealand.

This species was earlier identified as W. subtorquata.

Watersipora subatra SEM of specimen from Sydney, New South Wales
Watersipora subatra SEM of specimen from Merimbula, New South Wales
Watersipora subatra Thanks to Jan Watson for the photo, December 2009
(Port Phillip Bay).

A colour photograph by Karen Gowlett-Holmes is available.

Original description: Schizoporella aterrima var. subatra Ortmann, 1890.
Locality: Japan Sagami Bay.
Holotype: MZS 002, Ortmann Collection, Sagami Bay, Japan.


From Ortmann, 1890:
Schizoporella aterrima

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