Umbonulidae Canu, 1904

Synonyms Author
Rhamphostomellidae Kluge, 1962
Desmacystidae Dick & Ross, 1988

The family includes the genera

  1. Aegyptopora
  2. Astochoporella
  3. Desmacystis
  4. Escharopsis
  5. Hippopleurifera (Now in Romancheinidae)
  6. Mixtoscutella
  7. Oshurkovia
  8. Posterula
  9. Ragionula (Now in Romancheinidae)
  10. Rhamphostomella
  11. Scorpiodina
  12. Trigonopora
  13. Umbonula
Desmacystis sandalia Desmacystis sandalia [Rhamphostomella cristata] [Trigonopora vermicularis]
Desmacystis sandalia
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Desmacystis sandalia
(thanks to Andrei Grischenko)
Rhamphostomella cristata Trigonopora vermicularis
[Umbonula ovicellata]
Umbonula ovicellata
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)

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