Phylactella Hincks, 1879

Type species: Lepralia labrosa Busk, 1854

Genus placed in Teuchoporidae by Hayward & Ryland (1999). Now placed in Smittinidae.

Synonyms Author Type species
Alysidota Busk, 1856 Lepralia labrosa Busk, 1854
Alysidotella Strand, 1928 Lepralia labrosa Busk, 1854

This genus includes the species:

Phylactella ais Winston & Håkansson, 1986 Recent USA (Florida)
Phylactella alulata Osburn, 1952 Recent usa (California)
Phylactella aperta Osburn, 1952 Recent Galapagos
Phylactella aviculifera d'Hondt, 1986 Recent New Caledonia
Phylactella cipollai (Buge, 1956) Neogene Pliocene Tunisia, Sicily
Phylactella columnaris (Kirkpatrick, 1888) Recent Mauritius
Phylactella? elongata (Moissette, 1988) U. Miocene Algeria
Phylactella labrosa (Busk, 1854) Recent Europe
Phylactella labrosa tangerina Harmelin & d'Hondt, 1992 Recent NE Atlantic
Phylactella pacifica O'Donoghue, 1923 Recent NE Pacific (BC), Arctic
Phylactella peristomata el Hajjaji, 1992 Tertiary (Miocene) Morocco
Phylactella prominens (Reuss, 1869) Tertiary  
Phylactella vibraculata Calvet, 1931 Recent Azores

Other species yet to be included.

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