Tubucella Canu & Bassler, 1917

Type species: Eschara mammillaris Milne Edwards, 1836

Now in Family Margarettidae

This genus includes the species:

Tubucella aviculifera Canu & Bassler, 1929 Paleogene Eocene Lutetian Belgium
Tubucella canui Labracherie, 1970 Paleogene Eocene France
Tubucella contorta (Canu, 1910) Paleogene Eocene Bartonian France
Tubucella crenulata Canu & Bassler, 1929 Paleogene Eocene Lutetian Belgium
Tubucella gibbosa Canu & Bassler, 1920 Paleogene Eocene Priabonian USA S.Carolina
Tubucella mammillaris
(or T. mamillaris ?)
(Milne Edwards, 1836) Eocene Europe
Tubucella monilifera Canu & Bassler, 1917 Paleogene Eocene Priabonian USA N.& S.Carolina
Tubucella papillosa (Reuss, 1848) Miocene Italy
Tubucella papillosa depressa Ziko, 1985 Paleogene Eocene Lutetian Egypt
[Tubucella mammillaris]
Tubucella mammillaris
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)

Harmer notebook - entry for Tubucella

Tubucella papillosa at the Museo Rovereto, Italy

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